How to Use your Reed Diffuser

Follow these straightforward instructions for a perfectly scented home:

  • Uncap Your Reed Diffuser: When you receive your Reed Diffuser, unscrew the gold cap and remove the plastic seal. Exercise caution to avoid any injury or spillage of the precious fragrance oil. After removing the seal, securely screw the gold cap back on. You may store the plastic seal safely for future use or relocation of your diffuser.

  • Unbox Your Reeds: Your product comes with 10 reeds. Unbox them and place all ten inside the Reed Diffuser through the top opening of the exquisite matte white vessel.

  • Flip Your Reeds – Crucial Step! Often overlooked but highly essential, flip the reeds once they are inserted into the diffuser vessel. This action aids in dispersing the fragrance and initiating the diffusing process. Exercise caution as the reeds will be oily; keep them away from furniture, skin, and clothing. Wash your hands after this process.

  • Regular Maintenance To sustain the scent throw of your Reed Diffuser, flip the reeds weekly for a robust fragrance. The frequency of flipping affects the diffuser’s lifespan, with an average enjoyment period of 4-6 months before a refill is required. If reeds become clogged or discolored, replacement reeds are available.

  • Safety Precautions: Keep the Reed Diffuser out of reach of children and pets, avoiding contact with oil on furniture, skin, or clothing.

  • Refill Option: Once your Reed Diffuser exhausts its fragrance oil, purchase a refill to reuse the elegant vessel.
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